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We are an independent mobile phone price comparison site which also provides users with impartial reviews on mobile phones, detailed articles and up-to-date news stories.

The website not only offers users all the information they need in order to make an informed purchase, but it also compares prices from over 600,000 deals across all major network providers and UK retailers.

We've created a site that will cover the latest reviews, news, articles, official manufacturer handset releases and rumours primarily for the UK market.

So if you're looking to buy online to cut out the hassle of the highstreet, check out what is the best mobile phone deal? and bring you the best value on the market.

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Price Finder

Once you have determined how many minutes, texts and data you require from your mobile phone contract, the next step is to find the best monthly price that suit your needs.

You might already know what handset you are looking for, but if not, why not use our handy comparison widget to help you decide?

If you have a specific model in mind, then we have the facility to compare from our database of new retailer deals which is updated several times a day to ensuring the latest tariff costs are right at your fingertips.

We also provide costs of SIM only deals starting from just £2.50 per month, to give you another alternative solution to your communication needs.

This means that it is easier than ever to work out the best deal for you; the price you see is the price you pay. If there is an upfront cost then it is shown so you now exactly what to expect. Simple!

Reviews - comparing new specs and features

At we are passionate about providing users with as much information and specifications as possible in order to enable them to make a fully informed decision and know that they are the right phones for you.

This is why we write in-depth and detailed reviews about the latest handsets, covering not just the basics, but really road testing each device to discover its pros, its cons, and its outstanding features.

What's important is that we are not tech geeks focusing purely on hardware; we write for the consumer. This means that our detailed reviews test out features that other sites often miss, such as how easy the mobile phone is to slip in your pocket? How easy is the software to use?

New releases and latest industry news

What's going on in the world of mobiles? This is ultimately paramount to everything we do here at We aim to keep our visitors up-to-date with all of the latest technology news, from mobile phone launches, releases, software updates and court battles between mobile phone manufacturers, such as the likes of Apple and Samsung and easily compared side to side.

This year we even attended Mobile World Congress (MWC), in order to bring you the latest news from manufacturers of the latest phones.

If there's anything you need to know about them, we'll have it covered! Whether it's the latest handset release, maybe you are interested in the up and coming iPhone 6 rumours, or of newly released apps, we have it all.

Latest Information

We also keen to provide its readers with fun and interesting mobile phone-related articles, covering new trends, the latest accessories, the best applications for your operating system and much more.

We compare mobile phones side by side with multiple handsets in order to help users to determine what they want to purchase.

Which operating system? Make your choice

Our website now offers a unique comparison service from the myriad of tablets and smartphone features out there.

If you have a particular something in mind, but want to know how it stacks up to a cheaper or more sophistocated model, simply pit both up against one another in order to make an informed decision before choosing. How long will the battery last?, camera lenses and internal storage without having to trawl through the wealth of online technical jargon Easy! Let us do the hard work for you!

iPhone IOS

The iPhone is perhaps one of the most popular mobile phones on the market, with users opting for either the latest iPhone 5s and 5c now available. Apple is one of the biggest consumer electronics companies in the world, and their mobile phones and tablets reflect their commitment to high quality built, design and style. If the latest iPhone is too costly for your budget, why not take a look at the slightly older 4S, which shares many of the same features as its 4 inch big brother? With iPhone deals starting from just £22 per month, there's no excuse not to be up there with the rest of the world, sporting the best of the best from the mobile world.


Samsung has fast become the best Android device around, with the Samsung Galaxy S5 posing as stiff competition for Apple's iPhone.

Samsung has numerous Android mobiles as part it's Samsung Galaxy family, of which it has been so successful with , from its phablet, the Galaxy Note series, to the smaller mini versions, and everything in between.

HTC appear to be hotting up again with the One family bringing a design and build that won some top awards, and they have carried this through its new One M8 and also HTC One Mini 2 which brings the M8 experience in a smaller body.

A guess what... even Nokia made the jump to manufacturing an Android this year, even though they are now owned by Microsoft.


Microsoft's Windows Phone really made an impact on the UK last year, mainly through its partnering with Nokia . Smart phones that sport the latest operating system include the Nokia Lumia 1520, amongst many others.

The most popular feature may be their home screens, which differs from Android OS, due to their dynamic home screen made up of live tiles.

BlackBerry 10

Traditionally known as the phone that started the physical QWERTY keyboard revolution, most are preferred in commercial industries, and the phone has been deemed the best for business worldwide.

BlackBerry made its comeback, after dwindling sales figures over the past few years, and then came the BlackBerry Z30, sporting the new BlackBerry 10 platform.

Coming soon

All the current talk and big rumours are about one thing and one thing only - is the iPhone 6 what you want to upgrade to next?

Fancy a free gift

Which one of the available free gifts would you like? With a plethora of new gadgets on offer, many customers buy their deal based on what free gift is being given away from the retailer. These can include large screen televisions or the top gaming consoles, there is so much to choose from.

Many line rental reductions are calculated via a cash back give away, so ensure you check on if it is received automatically or via redemption. Don't worry we show if the reduced prices are after cash back clearly as you search through the offers available.

Mobile Phone Contracts

The main aim of is not simply to sell as many phones as we can to as many people as we can after all, we are an impartial service designed to offer our users balanced and fair advice about the mobile phone contracts on sale right now. Other options are also available with pay as you go and sim free.

People all too often get buying a mobile phone wrong, they frequently look at the price only, and forget about the most important part, which is the mobile phone agreement and tariff itself.

We all know that everyone is different, and even solutions are now in place for bad credit histories with some no credit check products too, which means that we therefore all use ours in different ways, some people are tech-addicts, and always have their hands on their mobile phones, whether it's texting, emailing, calling or browsing the internet, choosing the right mobile network is essential for signal coverage.

On the end of the scale, there are users who need a theirs, whether it's just as a safety precaution, or to make the occasional call on. That is why it is important to take notice of the actual pay monthly tariff that you are signing up to when you are looking for the best mobile phone deal for you.

For instance, for people that like to talk, a mobile phone contract which offers a lot of minutes as part of the deal could be important, whilst those that simply text might want a mobile phone contract with unlimited texts included.

The part of a mobile phone contract which often confuses users is the data plan. The best features of smartphones all work via the internet, such as apps, browsing social media sites, and sending emails. Therefore, if you want to purchase a smartphone, it is important to work out how often you want to access the internet outside of your WiFi connection, as this will determine how many megabytes of data you will require.

Take a look at our guide to data packages on our mobile phone data usage information page.

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