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So 2015 is over and 2016 is already in full flow, with smartphones being rumoured to arrive on almost every date that the calendar has. But we shouldn’t forget about last year’s exploits too fast, with plenty of handsets proving to be some of the best we’ve ever encountered.All these handserts come at a huge cost, so ensure you are protected with mobile phone insurance for all your gadgets.

But what were the best phones that made their way onto the market last year? Here are five of our favourites for you to consider investing in.

1. The iPhone 6s/6s Plus

Are these the best iPhones ever made?

Could we start anywhere else? The iPhone 6s was one of the biggest smartphone launches the world has ever seen, and made Apple a pretty penny as well.

Whilst it didn’t bring us any major design changes (but for the inclusion of Series 7000 aluminium which makes it more durable), we did get some nice new features to play with – namely 3D Touch and Live Photos.

Apple threw in the iOS 9 operating system for good measure as well, giving us all access to some extra software features as well. Overall, Apple’s latest addition to the market was just what we all wanted to see, and more…

2. The Samsung Galaxy S6

What about the Galaxy S6?

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Another big time manufacturer with a big time handset launch, the Samsung Galaxy S6 was a phenomenal smartphone, and one which broke all of Samsung’s previous design rules.

Bringing a metallic design to the fray for the first time, the Galaxy S6 was arguably the best looking device of 2015, with a fashionable and durable build proving successful. It didn’t take it easy on the specs front either, with a ridiculous amount of power under the hood as well.

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to take over as the Samsung flagship device – meaning that the S6 could become pretty affordable. So, if you do fancy buying one of the better phones of 2015, the S6 could prove to be a great choice.

3. The LG G4

Is the LG G4 the best smartphone ever?

LG’s streak of launching top of the range smartphones continued in 2015 with the release of the LG G4, which once again packed the company’s unique rear button design – as well as bringing some pretty amazing specs to play with as well.

LG’s own UI makes the cut on top of Android Lollipop, whilst a tonne of features also get included, along with intuitive hardware – like laser autofocus for improved photography.

Once again, with the LG G5 taking hold this year, the G4 can now be picked up at a cheaper price than in 2015, making it a perfect time to invest.

4. The Samsung Galaxy Note5

Will the Note5 prove a success even though it didn't have a global launch?

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Want the best phablet of 2015? If that’s your kind of deal then the Samsung Galaxy Note5 is the best way to go. Whilst Samsung was very choosy with where they sold the handset, it doesn’t take anything away from the Note5 as a whole.

Offering a huge 5.7” QHD quality display, the Note5 isn’t messing about when it comes down to power. In fact, behind the screen we also find plenty of heavy-hitting technology as well, with 4GB RAM and an Exynos 7420 chipset leading the way.

On top of this, we do get the S-Pen to play with as well, which brings its own array of extra features like multitasking and on-screen scribbling.

5. The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

What do you make of the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium?

If money’s no object, then the Xperia Z5 Premium is right down your alley, offering some of the best specs and features with a genuinely superb style on offer.

Coming as part of a trio of Sony devices, the Z5 Premium was the most expensive of the bunch, easily outpricing the Z5 Compact and regular Z5. However, for the extra cash you end up with the first mainstream 4K smartphone display, effectively making it the most powerful screen on the market.

Topping everything off is a unique twist on the classic Xperia design, with a reflective chrome version of the Z5 premium on offer for fans of fashion forward handsets. Will we see the Sony Xperia Z6 soon too?

Which is the best mobile phone of 2015?

Any one of these phones all stand a chance as the best phone of 2015, so it’s hard to choose a real winner. Of course, the iPhone 6s has seen massive success, but the likes of the Note5 with its S-Pen, or the Z5 Premium and its 4K screen are also worth shouting about and the most popular mobile phones right now.

Simply put, any one of these devices is definitely worth your cash, even more so when their successors make appearances this year, it’s just your job to choose one…

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