MWC 2016

What was on show at MWC 2016?

MWC has come to a close once again, tech journalists are filing out of Barcelona in an orderly fashion and now we face the long wait until the next mobile event rolls around (IFA, all the way in September, if you didn’t know).

But, just because the show’s over it doesn’t mean you’ve missed out on all the action, instead – we’ve got all the news from the continental event right here. So if you’re curious about which phones were on show, you’re in the right place.

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

What do you make of the S7 and S7 Edge?

Get to know the Galaxy S7

We all knew it was coming, but despite being one of the worst kept secrets in smartphone history, the S7 still came out and blew plenty of peoples’ socks off. Joined by its S7 Edge partner, both phones will undoubtedly be solid performers, with the specs also reading incredibly well.

The S7 itself keeps the 5.1” QHD screen that won so many fans last time out, whilst a Snapdragon 820 chipset and octa-core processor make for the fastest and most efficient phone we’ve seen yet from Samsung. 4GB RAM and up to 64GB internal memory is also included for good measure, so storage won’t be an issue.

The S7 Edge doesn’t quite read from the same page as the S7, with the screen jumping up to 5.5” – putting the likelihood of the S7 Edge+ in doubt. The same specs do get included, so it’s not all change, whilst the obviously different dual edge screen is once again included.

Both phones also utilise an ‘Always On’ display, IP68 waterproofing and dual pixel cameras, making them some of the best we’ve seen from Samsung to date.


Say hello to the LG G5

LG G5 Info

One of the biggest surprises of MWC was the announcement of the LG G5, not only because the handset wasn’t expected at the show, but because of the features it’s packing as well. Bringing the first mainstream modular phone onto the market, the G5 isn’t just stylish, but it’s incredibly practical as well.

The all-metal design is something to behold, but despite rocking the stylish build its battery is completely removable via the base. Plus, you can swap this section out for some of LG’s ‘Friends’ as well, which include a powerful camera attachment and an improved audio booster.

The specs for the phone are just as exciting as well, with a 5.3” QHD screen leading the way alongside a Snapdragon 820 chipset and octa-core processor. We get 32GB storage and 4GB RAM to play with, whilst a dedicated MicroSD card slot is also included for extra space if you need it.

LG’s own ‘Always On’ screen is squeezed into the phone, whilst a dual rear lens like the one on the LG V10 helps photo fans take great pictures. Meanwhile, a 2800mAh battery is included, but can be swapped out for on the fly battery boosts.

Xiaomi Mi 5

What's the deal with the Xiaomi Mi 5?

It wasn’t expected to make quite the splash it did, that’s for sure, but the Xiaomi Mi 5 has won over plenty of doubters by showing off its powerful spec sheet at MWC.

Sporting a low price tag, reportedly as cheap as £300 SIM-free, the Mi 5 rocks a Snapdragon 820 chipset, up to 4GB RAM and also looks incredibly good. Some have likened the Mi 5 to recent Samsung Galaxy devices, but it’s quite a template to follow if you ask us, and it looks superb.

Furthermore, a 16mp and 4mp camera duo are included for top notch photography, whilst a 3000mAh battery is also included for well over a day’s charge from 100%. What’s more, Xiaomi is planning on letting the Mi 5 out of Asian markets after its launch, so you won’t need to worry about getting I imported either.

Sony Xperia X

Is the Xperia X series set for big things?

Xperia X Review

Plenty of us had our eyes and ears open for the launch of the Sony Xperia Z6 during MWC 2016, but surprisingly we saw nothing of the new Xperia Z device. However, in its place we saw Sony unveil three new phones, all sporting the Xperia X moniker in some shape or form.

The Xperia X is the standard offering from Sony, with the Xperia XA offering the budget feel. If you’re in need of a powerful handset though, then it’s the aptly named Xperia X Performance that will be the most interesting device of the three.

All three devices rock HD 5” displays, albeit with the XA opting for 720p whilst the other two run with 1080p quality. Elsewhere we get varying processors, storage and chipsets – all of which run from budget to high-end depending on the device you choose.

Topping things off for all three devices are some powerful snappers, with the XA opting for 13mp + 8mp, whilst the X Perfomance and regular X handsets get 23mp +12mp efforts instead. Finally, both upper models also get fingerprint scanners, whilst XA users will have to do without the biometric tech.

Microsoft Lumia 650

Could the new Lumia phone be worth your money?

It’s not quite a smartphone show without a Microsoft phone, is it? And, as always we did see a phone come off the Windows conveyor belt – this time being the Lumia 650 in all of its glory.

However, it’s not quite the flagship phone some were hoping for. Instead, the Lumia 650 is actually a mid-range phone – albeit with one of the latest operating systems on offer, that being Windows 10. This means that despite its spec sheet, the Lumia is still one of the more exciting phones of MWC, and one which shouldn’t cost you too much either.

The Lumia 650 boasts a 5” 720p HD screen, Snapdragon 212 chipset, quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. There’s 16GB internal memory that’s backed up by a MicroSD Card slot, so storage shouldn’t be a problem either.

The camera isn’t quite up there with other handsets that were shown off at MWC however, so if you’re in need of a better camera, you may struggle with the 8mp + 5mp efforts that are included on the Lumia.

So, which of these phones do you think was the best on show at MWC? Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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Written by Luke Hatfield