OS Comparison: iOS vs Android vs Windows Phone 8

The Windows Phone operating system has come under heavy fire by critics who largely claim that there aren't enough apps on offer to attract users away from the popular Android and iOS operating systems.

But is this really the case? Although we found that another 'minority' operating system- BlackBerry 10- did suffer from a lack of apps in our OS comparison, it's interesting to consider whether Windows Phone should be tarred with the same brush. 

So what are the most popular Windows Phone apps at the moment? And how can we compare mobile phone apps available on Windows Phones to apps in the Google Play and Apple app stores? 

Top 10 Most Popular Free Windows Phone Apps

1. YouTube 2. Facebook 3. WhatsApp 4. Skype 5. Adobe Reader

6. Kik Messenger 7. Twitter 8. Viber 9. Google 10. BBC iPlayer

As you can see, Windows Phone devices offer the same variety of popular social media and messaging apps as iOS and Android phones, including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. 

At first glance, the apps that I use on a daily basis are all offered on the Windows Phone OS. But what isn't available?

Top Free Apps (iOS & Android)

Android WP 8 iOS WP 8
1 Facebook Battery Saver
2 WhatsApp 4 Pics 1 Song
3 Skype Screen Lock Free
4 Candy Crush Saga WhatsApp
5 Despicable Me Amateur Surgeon 3
6 eBay Dispicable Me
7 4 Pics 1 Song Angry Birds
8 Instagram Snapchat
9 Twitter Instagram
10 Facebook Messenger BBC Weather

Here you can see that Windows Phone devices offer a large selection of the most downloaded Android apps, though not as many as on iOS smartphones. 

However, compared to the BlackBerry 10 platform, WP does offer a more substantial selection of social media and messenger apps. 

More popular apps available on Windows Phone OS

Sky Sports News NETFLIX TuneIn Radio Spotify


Wikipedia LinkedIn The Trainline The Met Office

Alternative Windows Phone apps

Fruit Frenzy

Cost: Free

Fruit Frenzy is a great alternative to Candy Crush Saga which seems to be trending in the app world at the moment. It's essentially like Bejewelled but with fruit, and can provide hours of addictive entertainment!

Despicable Minions

Cost: Free

Although Windows Phones don't offer the Dispicable Me app that's popular with Android and iOS users alike, you can download various related apps, including the Despicable Minions app, which provides wallpapers, ringtones and video clips from the popular feature film.


Cost: Free

As mentioned in our Instagram Alternatives article, Lomogram is a really impressive photo editing app which can turn your favourite images into a piece of art jusy like, or even better than, Instagram.

With 47 filters, 72 lighting effects and 49 borders, Lomogram shouldn't be sniffed at. 

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

OS comparison: iOs vs Android vs Windows Phone

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  • Andrew Fox - 10:14, 28th November 2013
    Where is the OS comparison? This just compared availability of top apps, this has very little to do with the OS at all.
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