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Most Popular Manufacturers

As an essential element of daily life, the purchase of a mobile phone is an important decision with a variety of mobile phone brands available to choose from. Each mobile phone manufacturer consistently updates its offerings with the latest technological updates and many customers either have a preferred brand that suits them or a brand they have become familiar with.

We are a leading mobile phone comparison site which scours the marketplace for the best mobile phone deals so that you can be confident in your decision to buy. If a new phone has been released by a mobile phone brand then this website is the place to get a great deal with the latest mobile phone releases. Sticking with your preferred brand or moving to another brand is a simple process, and has been made even easier with the advent of operating systems. Just like in the computer and laptop market you will find that operating systems are standard over many different brands.

For mobile phone brands you will today see the reoccurrence of operating systems and the most popular of these include the Android Operating System, Blackberry Operating System, Windows Operating System and Apple Operating System. So look no further for the advice you need or the deal you want to find.

Who is the top smartphone manufacturer?

Offering geared towards today’s multimedia rich world and you will be able to easily find a mobile phone that has high-definition, a high quality in-built camera and Social Network Integration for access to your Facebook or Twitter account. Smartphones also allow you to download new apps which can enable you to read the daily news, or navigate your way around a city, for example.

Market share 2014

So the big question of who has the largest market share. 2013 saw the market move towards even moe low cost mobiles and the Nokia 520 proved that, not every handset has to be the best and most expensive, ye instead looking at what consumers actually require is the answer.

There are far more Android OS models on the market meaning many more choices are available, compared to IOS which is of course Apple's own operating system.

There is no doubt that Samsung , Apple, Nokia Lg and HTC will all be part of the large sales accumulated in the UK.

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