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As an essential element of daily life, the purchase of a mobile phone is an important decision with a variety of mobile phone brands available to choose from. Each mobile phone manufacturer consistently updates its offerings with the latest technological updates and many customers either have a preferred brand that suits them or a brand they have become familiar with. is a leading mobile phone comparison site which scours the marketplace for the best mobile phone deals so that you can be confident in your decision to buy. If a new phone has been released by a mobile phone brand then this website is the place to get a great deal with the latest mobile phone releases. Sticking with your preferred brand or moving to another brand is a simple process, and has been made even easier with the advent of operating systems. Just like in the computer and laptop market you will find that operating systems are standard over many different brands.

For mobile phone brands you will today see the reoccurrence of operating systems and the most popular of these include the Android Operating System, Blackberry Operating System, Windows Operating System and Apple Operating System. So look no further for the advice you need or the deal you want to find. sells every popular brand from Apple to Samsung, Sony to Nokia and Motorola to Acer, along with many others. If you want the latest HTC smartphone then you will find it here!

Smartphone brands offer handsets geared towards today’s multimedia rich world and you will be able to easily find a mobile phone that has high-definition, a high quality in-built camera and Social Network Integration for access to your Facebook or Twitter account. Smartphones also allow you to download new apps which can enable you to read the daily news, or navigate your way around a city, for example.


Apple is perhaps the most well know mobile phone brand on the market, and issues a vast proportion of the world with its various iPhone models.

With the latest iPhone 5 model having been released last September, Apple fans all over the world are eagerly anticipating the release of Apple’s offering for 2013, potentially called the iPhone 6.

Apple first introduced the iPhone back in 2007, and the American super-giant has reigned supreme in the world of high quality and superior functioning mobile phones in the market. Because Apple only releases one device per year, it makes the iPhone’s longevity far greater than other cheaper and more available smartphones.


Although Apple has long been the king of consumer electronics, Samsung is soon catching up with its own range of high functioning mobile phones.

For example the Samsung Galaxy range, which includes the popular Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and now even the Samsung Galaxy S4, has been one of the biggest selling series of mobile phones in 2012, and proves to be just as big in 2013.

Samsung runs the popular Android operating system like many other mobile phone handsets, though Samsung has often been considered the king of the Android smartphones currently on the market.


Another hot contender for the best Android devices is Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC. You may be familiar with HTC’s popular One series of mobile phones, which include the HTC One X, the HTC One S and the HTC One V, to name a few.

Other popular HTC handsets include the Desire C, the Desire X and the Desire S, again, amongst many more.

HTC aims to please all levels of the smartphone market by offering a device which is suitable for first time smartphone users, mid-range phone users and even top-end mobile phone buyers. By providing its users with a large range of devices to choose from, HTC has managed to acquire a large following in the mobile phone market, especially with its HTC One flagship model for 2013, which is set to be a contender for the title of best Android smartphone of this year.


Nokia used to be the main player in the world of mobile phones back in the day. However, over recent years the company has dipped out of the market by failing to offer its users the high quality functioning smartphones that today’s users are demanding.

However, the dark days for Nokia are over, and with the help of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, Nokia is well and truly back on the smartphone map.

Devices such as the Nokia Lumia 820, and the flagship model, the Nokia Lumia 920, have stormed the shelves of the UK in recent months, and have brought back the fond memories of mobile phones being fun. With their devices being available in an array of bright colours, the Nokia Lumia range is reminiscent of the funky, vibrant mobile phones we used to cherish.


Business brands have a broader appeal today and a great example of this is the Blackberry brand.  Initially designed to meet a businessperson’s requirements with built-in email and a QWERTY keyboard for faster messaging, Blackberry stormed the market and breached the gap between business features and personal features.

The Blackberry Messenger service is extremely popular and with Wi-Fi on board you can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi signal or connect to the internet from your favourite café. If you have a budget in mind or want to go all out for the latest technology then you will find that brand and handset here on 

BlackBerry, like Nokia, slipped off the map slightly over the past few years. However, with the help of the latest BlackBerry Z10 device and the BlackBerry 10 operating system, the Canadian manufacturer is starting to make a name for itself in both the business and consumer markets.


Last but not least, Sony is another big contender in the world of Android mobile phones. Although Sony might be better known for manufacturing game consoles and televisions, Sony has now developed a respectable name for itself in the world of mobile phones.

The latest flagship device, the Sony Xperia Z, has taken the world by storm, mainly due to its incredible audio and visual qualities, as well as being dust and waterproof.

The Sony Xperia T was Sony’s offering for last year, and proved very popular as a result of its amazing 13 MP camera.

With Sony also having dipped a toe in the Tablet waters with the Sony Xperia Z tablet, we could be seeing more of Sony’s expertise in games and TV being transferred into their mobile phone and tablet range this year.

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