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Htc One M9
The All New HTC One
HTC One M9 gold Phone
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History and Information

Established in 1997, HTC made its first steps in the manufacturing of notebook computers before branching out into the world of wireless mobile phones. HTC has been a master in the background designing many elements and components for other mobile phone manufacturers. Working closely with the individual mobile network providers, HTC has created a portfolio of unbranded mobile phones that include the T-Mobile G1 as well as creating the first Microsoft branded smartphone in 2002 followed by the first Microsoft 3G phone.      
HTC decided in 2006 to produce a range of mobile phones under their own name and have since become on of the world’s top selling mobile phone manufacturers. Part of the success at HTC has been through its close relationship with Microsoft and by using the Windows Phone operating system the success story was quickly developed. Since, HTC has largely moved away from Windows Phone and today incorporates the more popular Android operating system. But, consumers still have the best of both worlds with a selection of smartphones available on either operating system and you can compare the latest deals here.           

HTC has a policy of consistent development with a focus on what the customer wants and the product range now includes smartphones and tablets both supporting either Android or Windows OS. Enhancing the user experience, HTC fans have recently been treated to Sense UI and this continues to bolster new support for the developing brand.

Fantastic modern design has taken the HTC brand to new heights with many of their stylised concepts being taken up by the whole industry where HTC has made a definite impact that can be seen in many of today’s smartphone designs. Some of the most well known HTC series include the Wildfire and Desire range and you can compare the latest deals for these here.

Quality build and Design

The desire series for HTC is a popular high end mid range class of handsets, yet there most popular and flagship models come from the One series where HTC focus on top quality build and specs.

As HTC continues to develop every aspect of their smartphone concept, consumers have been delighted with popular additions such as Beats Audio, which has enhanced the video and audio package with an output that has never sounded so good on a mobile phone. The latest camera features are available too with the incorporation of, and the first manufacturer to offer, the f2.0 aperture lens on a mobile phone’s camera. No matter what innovative feature consumers demand you can be assured that HTC will be at the front when bringing these developments into the market.

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