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Nokia History

Today Nokia is one of the most recognisable brands in the world but the Nokia story has taken twists and turns for over 150 years before establishing itself as the global telecommunications giant we now know. In 1865 Fredrik Idestam set up a wood pulp mill in Finland that was followed by a second mill a few years later on the banks of the Nokianvirta River and this location inspired Fredrik to name his new company Nokia Ab in 1871.

Over the next 100 years the business changed direction and a new rubber works became the main focus creating everything from galoshes to tyres and Nokia rubber boots, which became a classic design and even though Nokia themselves do not produce these today they are still available to buy.

The road into modern times begins in 1912 with the foundation of a new cable and electronics division and by 1962 Nokia was creating its first electronic devise in house. In 1963 Nokia began producing radio telephones for the army and by 1987 Nokia was the third largest TV manufacturer in Europe.

In 1987 Nokia produced the first handheld mobile phone for NMT networks and this classic iconic image weighed in at a hefty 800 grams. During this year Nokia was a key player in creating the GSM network that provided consumers with high-quality voice calls, roaming and support for text messages.

In 1992 Nokia released the first digital GSM phone, the Nokia 1011, and this led to the decision that Nokia would concentrate purely on manufacturing mobile phones. In 1994 the 2100 series launched and featured the Nokia ringtone, which has become one of the most frequently played pieces of music in the world. The range went on to sell 20 million phones and with the creation of the Snakes game Nokia became the world leader in mobile phones by 1998.

The following years featured huge advancements in mobile phone technology and these began with early web based functions and email. In 2001 Nokia created its first phone with a built in camera and this was followed by video capture and today’s 3G technology that opened up access to the internet along with popular services such as downloading music, social network services for Facebook & Twitter and watching TV on the move.


The Nokia of today is seen as one of the world’s most sustainable technology company’s but times are tough for Nokia with fierce competition in the smartphone market from the iPhone and Android based devices. In order to strengthen its position in the market Nokia has joined forces with Microsoft and the latest range of phones now come with the Windows 7 operating system.
The latest additions include the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 710 and you can find the latest Nokia phones here and compare the very best deals in the market side-by-side. With over 1 million deals in the marketplace our innovative comparison engine is the only place to ensure you get the deal you deserve.

Nokia best seller

Arguably the most well phone mobile phone brand on the face of the planet, Nokia have had a cult following since releasing the likes of the Nokia 3210 over ten years ago, and have not looked back since.

Joining up with Microsoft has seen Nokia begin its work with the Windows Phone operating system, seeing massive growth as a system and a company as a whole, and we are proud to display some of the best Nokia contracts online here.

As well as offering some of the best mobile phone deals with Nokia handsets, we also boast some of the best mobile phone tariffs as well, to fill your deal with all the minutes, data and texts you could want with your Nokia Lumia smartphone.

We fight to feature some of the best mobile phone contracts for you to choose from and allow you to compare mobile phones quickly and easily on our website to give you an overview of every handset we feature compared to any handset of your choice, letting you make the most informed decision you can on your new smartphone deal.

We also give great mobile phone reviews on multiple Nokia smartphones, which give you a detailed review of the handset, pointing out its good and bad points so you can essentially see everything the mobile phone has to offer before getting your wallet/purse out.

Nokia are regarded as one of the most trusted mobile phone manufacturers, and we like to offer some of the best Nokia contracts we can to ensure that you have not only a great mobile phone, but a great deal as well.

If you don't fancy going with the crowds with the likes of Samsung and Apple, a Nokia smartphone may be your ideal handset, and with some of the best Nokia mobile phone deals on the web, you have come to the perfect place if one does happen to take your fancy.

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