Energy white

The T-Mobile Energy is a great introductory device for those of you who are new to the smartphone world. Unlike many of the top-end mobile phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X, the T-Mobile energy has a smaller 3.5 inch screen, which makes the device perfect for tucking it away in your pocket.

What's even better about the Energy is that it is available in both black and white, making the phone feel more personal to the user. The phone measures in at 117x60x12mm and is super-lightweight at only 121g. The device has only one physical button at the bottom of the screen, which not only makes it really easy to navigate around the phone, but it also makes the handset look really stylish.

Unusually, creators at ZTE decided to use its own operating system, rather than choosing Google's popular Android operating system. However, for first time users, this wouldn't hold you back, especially as popular applications like Facebook and Twitter are already installed on the device, which you can use easily with the phone's WiFi.

In addition to that, the Energy sports a 3.2-megapixel camera which allows you snap away whenever the mood takes you. You can even share your photographs using built-in Bluetooth, or even on Facebook and Twitter! What's more, the T-Mobile Energy had a fitted music player and FM radio, so there's no need to carry round an additional device to listen to your favourite tunes on.

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