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When purchasing a mobile phone, it is rare that users are confident enough to simply walk into a shop and know which model they want to acquire without first comparing it to what else is out there. In fact, doing so would probably end in buying a phone that doesn’t fulfil your every want and need. is one of the best phone comparison sites around, and offers a wide range of literature enabling you to compare mobile phones of all shapes, colours and sizes, to ensure that you purchase the phone that is right for you. To compare phones, you might prefer to consider the cost of the handsets or mobile phone contracts, or perhaps the phone’s functionality and features are what’s more important to you.

Whatever your priorities, it’s always important to compare mobile phones effectively in order to get the right one. If you’re simply looking for an upgrade, you might just compare two mobile phones to your existing model, to check whether certain features mark an improvement on the handset that you’ve already got.  When you are looking to buy a new mobile phone, compare both the specs and the price of a particular handset before committing to any mobile phone deals. Below is a guide on how best to do this.

Compare mobile phone specifications

If you’re anything like us, the specification of a phone is of the utmost importance when looking to buy a new model. Whether it’s the processing speed, camera, battery size or operating system, I like to know how other handsets compare to both my existing phone and to other mobile phones on the market. If you would consider yourself a basic every day smartphone user, it is important not to get too bogged down by a phone’s specs when you compare phone specs. For example, one handset might have a 1.5 GHz processor, and another may have a processing speed of 1.4 GHz; unless you’re a real tech-geek, you’ll probably never even notice the difference in practice.

One feature which users often like to look into is a phone’s camera quality. To compare mobile phones’ cameras, it is first advisable to research how many megapixels each camera has. The trend on low to mid-range smartphones seems to be 5 megapixels, whereas higher-range smartphones now offer a camera with 13 megapixels or more. However, to compare mobile phone cameras, remember that megapixels aren’t everything! You might have three phones each boasting an 13MP camera, but the photo quality of all three phones can be very different.

Compare mobile phone deals

Another large factor when you're comparing phones is the mobile price comparison. If you have a budget of any sort, it is always advisable to compare phones’ deals and contracts on offer. For instance, you might find two handsets which you are interested in, but which offer very different mobile phone contracts for very different prices.

Opting for the cheapest deal, however, doesn’t always secure you the best or cheapest mobile phone contract. For instance, I might compare my mobile to the latest HTC One M8, or iPhone 5s, and notice an improvement in terms of the phone’s specifications, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that I will get an improved package in terms of minutes, texts and a data allowance each month. So when you are looking for a new handset, compare mobile tariffs, and include the handset’s full specifications, contracts and deals.

But which is the best sim only deal? Whilst many networks claim to have the best deal, you're better off to compare pay as you go sim only deals with contract sim only deals to suit your personal usage levels.

The best sim only plans are the ones which suit the user best, so instead of opting for thousands of minutes when you only make three calls a month, go for a more suitable sim only deal.

If mobile phone comparison doesn't seem to cover it, you can also compare mobiles with us as well, where we take a look at the best value smartphones and sum up all of their strengths and weaknesses. This ensures that you get the best cheap mobile contract deals possible whilst still having one of the best new mobile phones on the market.

If you're not after an actual handset, why not check out our sim only deal finder to discover the cheapest contract for you?

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Compare Mobile Phones

Compare the latest mobile phone handsets side-by-side and find the one that's right for you.

If you're unsure whether to go for the latest iPhone or the cheap Android alternative, then this comparison table will help make your decision that bit easier. 

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