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Samsung Galaxy S6

S6 Edge

iPhone 6

HTC One M9


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Free Minutes
  • 100 minutes
  • 250 minutes
  • 300 minutes
  • 500 minutes
  • 600 minutes
  • 1000 minutes
  • 2000 minutes
  • 3000 minutes
  • 5000 minutes
  • Unlimited minutes
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Free Texts
Free Data
  • 100 MB
  • 300 MB
  • 500 MB
  • 1 GB
  • 2 GB
  • 3 GB
  • 4 GB
  • 5 GB
  • 6 GB
  • 8 GB
  • 10 GB
  • 12 GB
  • 15 GB
  • 20 GB
  • 25 GB
  • Unlimited
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Handset Cost
Monthly Cost
Monthly cost
Calls & texts
Monthly cost may rise in line with RPI

Contract phones with free gifts

There once was a time that you had to purchase your preferred handset in addition to acquiring phone contracts. However, while this is sometimes still the case, We offer almost all of its comparison of handsets for absolutely free and many with free gifts click here for me info. The most popular gadgets being iPads, TV's and free laptops, which is an amazing bonus within your deal if one of these are offered.

Best UK networks to get connected to

Looking for 4G?

Top Brands of handset to choose from

Do contract mobile phones for bad credit exist?

Many people now have bad credit so there are solutions out there for you, check out our dedicated page for 100% guaranteed contract phones.

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Can my phone bills go up?

British telecoms regulator Ofcom has announced that it will increase the fees that network operators have to pay for spectrum.

How to gt a cheaper deal

Shop around in one place with compare and save.

Saving is fun

Top 10 cheapest iphone deals

Being the latest on the Apple conveyor belt makes it fairly costly compared to some of the other deals

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More and more choose sim only

looking at the sales figures collated from various online retailers including Carphone Warehouse

IS just the sim card the way to go

switch networks mid-contract?

Telecommunications regular, Ofcom, has granted mobile phone users the right to leave

New right to leave

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