Samsung Galaxy Phones

One of the biggest names on the mobile market, Samsung kicked off the Galaxy line-up all the way back in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. Featuring the hugely popular Android operating system, there’s definitely a phone to suit any user in the Galaxy line-up.

Latest Samsung Galaxy Mobiles

It doesn’t matter if you’re after power, features, or a low-price tag, the Samsung Galaxy line-up is so diverse it should meet any standards you have set.

Need A Flagship Smartphone from the Galaxy range?

The Samsung Galaxy S line-up is the flagship group of handsets that could well be ideal for you. The Galaxy S5 offers a fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensor, and is also waterproof! What more could you want? Well the S6 and the wonderful Edge version astounded us all, but now what for the S7?

Of course if you’d like to keep your bank account happy, we also offer great deals for the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is still one of the most powerful handsets available on the market, despite its growing age, and new releases of which the next could be the new Note 5 which actually has not yet been released in the UK.

If you are a Photography Fan is this the right series?

Samsung has realised just how important cameras have become to our smartphones, with apps like Instagram and Snapchat becoming heavily used over recent year, and to help us, it’s began to release camera based handsets.

The Galaxy K Zoom is the latest handset from the line-up, boasting a 10x optical zoom that outguns every other smartphone on the market right now, and you can find great deals including it right here!

What if I want a Galaxy Budget Phone Please!

Not looking to spend a lot of cash? Well Samsung has you covered! With its superb array of mid-range and low-end Galaxy phones, you needn’t worry about breaking the bank to grab yourself a great phone.

The Galaxy Young could be your ideal companion if you’re on a budget, offering up good features for a low-end handset!

No matter what type of handset you’re after, we will do our best to offer you the cheapest Samsung deals we can, to make sure you get the phone you want, not just the one you can afford.

The history of the Samsung Galaxy smart phone family

The Samsung Galaxy range has been a standout success for the smartphone manufacturer Samsung and since its launch the company has added tablets, watches and a fitness band all under the Galaxy brand. From the first release of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone the mobile world took notice of the innovative features and new technology added to the mobile phone with many manufacturers trying to move in the same direction in hopes of the same success, with the current flagship Samsung galaxy S6 price coming down from it's initial release.

The Samsung Galaxy smartphone is now incredibly popular with the latest model on the top of many users wish lists when it comes to upgrade time. The sleek design and many innovative additional features added by Samsung to a Galaxy device has continued to impress users worldwide.

The flagship Samsung Galaxy S series of smartphones is at the pinnacle of mobile phone technology and sells in the millions worldwide and Samsung has added a whole range of Galaxy phones to suit all budgets and interests. The Galaxy Note series moved into the phablet realm of the market with a large screen and a handy stylus which added extra functionality.

Samsung has released a number of phones within the Samsung Galaxy range including mini versions of the Galaxy S series and photo-centric devices like the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom that have all the top technology included in a Samsung digital camera. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet range has a number of options with varying screen sizes and with the rise of wearable technology the Samsung Galaxy Fit and Samsung Galaxy Watch were a natural addition to the collection.

A Samsung Galaxy smartphone includes great Samsung extras including S Health to help you achieve fitness goals, S Translate and S Voice for digital assistance and as Samsung continually strive to be at the top of the tree when it comes to the smartphone market you can be assured of a fantastic smartphone experience when opting for a Samsung Galaxy phone.

What's coming soon for the Galaxy's

There will be many releases in the range over the coming year, through low, medium and high range handsets but none more important than a new flagship model in the form of the S6. This will definately fit in the higher budget bracket and the Samsung galaxy S7 price is expected to be higher than the S5 when that was announced.