Sim Only under £5 on UK networks

Prices of these cards and tariff have dropped considerably as mobile users look for the best options, with new networks taking shape the price cuts go even lower.

Now as you see there are bundles for less than £5, so whatever your usage big or small, you are covered.

These are perfect for mobile users looking to save and buy a new sim free handset online and use their own monthly tariff.

What size sim do I need for my current phone

Different handsets do now take different sized sim cards, this information can be found by looking in your handbook or by checking out your old sim.

Currently there are standard, micro and nano sizes and these can sometimes fit smartphones and tablets, so make sure you get the right one.

A sim on its own with internet

Are you looking for a new tablet sim card or one for your mobile, both now have options with internet, as data usage is now bigger than ever.

With mobile devices boom and screens getting bigger, internet is now a must have. It would be best to ensure you get a internet data allowance on your plan to suit your needs, as going over that limit can be expensive.

Now with 4G data sims Buy online and save

So, what are you waiting for? Simply filter our range of SIM free deal finder by manufacturer or price. It really is that simple.

4G is now here in the UK, this will give you faster data speeds whilst on your mobiles, basically meaning you internet will be faster than previously in a coverage area. Now networks are offering 4G sim cards on their own too with large data bundles for tablets and all mins text and large data packages for ones required for smartphones.

iPhone sim only compatibility

Many new smartphones have different sized sim cards and it is important you get the right size for you phone. As you can ssee from our price comparison above there are several options.

Once you are happy with your package ensure you get the right plan, we have an iPhone tariff plan comparison right here >>

Finding the right deal and our service.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you the best sim only plans to suit you, rather than throwing the most expensive deal your way.

We feature the best sim card deals we can, to ensure you have the biggest selection possible, right at your fingertips, without forcing you to search through page after page of deals.

Using our intuitive online guide, you can compare contracts alongside other deals to pick the network and tariff that meets your requirements.

We recognise that your tariff plan has to match what you use your smartphone for. If you’re constantly speaking to people over the phone, you’ll most probably need a high number of minutes, but if you’re always on the net, maybe data needs a boost.

That’s the beauty of our sim only deal finder, you put in your requirements, and we do the hard work of finding you the best monthly price.

What is sim only?

The SIM only brand has had a coloured past but today it forms an essential function in the mobile phone market offering numerous benefits to today’s consumer. The SIM only option, just like mobile phones themselves, fall into either a contract or pay as you go category.

The pay as you go SIM only option began out of necessity for users who either damaged or blocked their existing SIM card by entering the PIN number incorrectly 3 times.It soon became apparent that there was an additional market available to the mobile phone networks to allow users to switch network whilst still keeping their old mobile phone or smartphone.

This prospect essentially had the networks at war in its beginning. On one hand the mobile phone networks played defence by including programming within the phones software to only allow that phone to be used on their network. On attack SIM only pay as you go packages were sold for those who had an open or unlocked phone and this led to a black market opening up where certain retail units would crack this network lock for users who could then enter any SIM card into the phone. It’s worth mentioning here though that the network locks were not instigated to lock users onto their network just for the sake of it. The true reason was that to remain competitive the networks sold their pay as you go phones at a loss and then needed to recoup this loss from the profits of the phones usage on their network.

The majority of contract mobile phones on the other hand were not locked to the network and this allowed ex-contract users to switch to any of the networks pay as you go systems if they so chose. At the beginning pay as you go SIM cards were sold at a hefty fee but over time this has reduced and in many instances a pay as you go SIM only can be picked up for a nominal cost.

Users with existing handsets

For contract users a SIM only option was a great choice for those who had an existing handset and the benefits received included a reduced line rental. The networks were able to offer this as an attractive proposition as the real cost of a mobile phone (which can be in the hundreds of pounds) did not need to be paid back from a portion of a users monthly contract’s line rental. This option could lead to problems though if the user’s mobile phone got damaged as a new contract term was signed for, so we still heavily recommend having an insurance policy to cover the mobile phone being used. Ensure the phone is unlocked to any network and without a sim , if you want to use your original got a mobile but need it unlocked and not sure how to go about it, this then will give you enough options to enable you to get the best deal all round.

Further uses for a SIM only deal include the possibility to have two SIM cards in a dual-SIM phone and this can be a popular option for those who want a telephone number for work and a separate telephone number for personal calls, both of which can be operation in the dual-SIM phone at once. A SIM only option can also be used for consumers who have purchased a mobile device separately and this can include smartphones and tablet devices as well.

Different contract options and lengths

Contract terms for the SIM only option can vary from 1 month on a rolling basis to 12 and 24 month contracts with the longer terms offering lower line rentals or more inclusive amounts of minutes, texts or data usage. Here at you can discover the best SIM only deals and we scour the 1-million offers available in the market to ensure you get the very best deal, be it for a pay as you go SIM only or a contract SIM only package.

SIM Only Deal Finder

In the marketplace today there is a great number of SIM only deals and these provide a telecommunications solution for several different areas within this sector. The best SIM card deals cover contract tariffs, pay as you go tariffs and ones exclusively created for data services. To source the best Sim only for you, use our deal finder below it gets you straight to the very best prices.

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