Top 5 Lightest Smartphones

Top 5 lightest smartphones

Is your mobile phone weighing you down? If it is then it may be time to upgrade to one of the top 5 lightest smartphones available in the UK today.

As it stands, consumers should be jumping with joy at the selection of lightest mobile phones mentioned herein, as they are some of the best smartphones that can truly stand up next to their heavier rivals.

1. Apple iPhone SE - 113g - iOS

The Apple iPhone SE is the new holder of the lightest phone title and remarkably weighs in at only 113g. 

Apple iPhone SE

This most affordable iPhone yet, achieves such status by using premium build materials like aluminium, coupled with a mini-sized 4” screen, which retains a fantastic resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels.

Apple iPhone SE deals

Launched on the 31st March 2016, I highlighted in our Apple iPhone SE review that this phone has the same processing power as the iPhone 6s, has access to 1.5 million apps in Apple’s App Store and has a fancy 12MP camera that can record at 4K quality and take vibrant pictures under low light with a True Tone Flash.

2. Microsoft Lumia 650 - 122g - Windows

The Microsoft Lumia 650, with its aluminium metal frame, comes in just a few grams heavier at 122g.

Microsoft Lumia 650

Those extra grams afford this smartphone to have an ample 5” display and Microsoft has added sunlight readability enhancements, making the screen the perfect viewfinder for the 8MP camera.

Microsoft Lumia 650 deals

As highlighted in our Microsoft Lumia 650 review, this phone works on the Windows 10 operating system. This includes the Cortana virtual assistant who can set reminders, give weather updates and provide preemptive traffic reports, based on your typical routine.

3. Huawei P8lite - 131g - Android

The Huawei P8lite is one of the lightest smartphones at just 131 grams. 

Huawei P8lite

The 5” canvass offers plenty of viewing space and the phone is pretty slim at 7.7mm thick. Running Android Lollipop, the P8lite has a perfectly flat design where even the lenses for the 13MP/5MP cameras do not break the sleek design.

Huawei P8lite deals

Sound takes centre stage again with an integrated and enlarged sound chamber with SmartPA amps. Our Huawei P8lite review highlights the improved user experience with quick navigation to apps offered through simply drawing a corresponding letter on the screen.

4. LG G4C - 136g - Android

The LG G4C has a 5” display, Android Lollipop OS and an 8MP/5MP camera set up. 


Through the monitoring and analysis of your daily routine, lifestyle suggestions are offered through Smart Notice, which gives you the info it predicts you will need through the day such as weather reports and traffic news.

LG G4C deals

The LG G4C review, highlights the rear-mounted 1-watt speaker, confirming that light, small and thin phones can still offer big sound.

5. Google Nexus 5X - 136g - Android

The Google Nexus 5X has the biggest display at 5.2” and introduces the new Android Marshmallow OS. This includes the new Now on Tap feature, that with a long press on the home key brings up useful information based on what is on the screen. This could be a review if a restaurant is mentioned, directions if a hotel is mentioned and so on.

Google Nexus 5X

The 12.3MP/5MP cameras work well and the phone is secured with the Nexus Imprint Fingerprint Sensor, that allows its owner to pick up and unlock in one action.

Nexus 5X deals

The Nexus 5X review introduces the new USB Type-C cable, which can be inserted either way up and provides 3.8 hours of use from just 10 minutes charge.

So there you have it, the top 5 lightest smartphones, which are all big on personality.

Written by: Michael Brown